bank reserves known reserves measured reserves proved reserves
proven reserves food reserves seed reserve stock free reserves
economic quantities vault cash monetary reserves reservoir of infection
service reservoir pouchitis physical description incident summary
programme narrative cold common cold freeboard
depositor s receipt voucher voucher receipt receipt
deposit receipt target control office parcel post receipt home-care centre
hostel nursing home boarding kennel sysres
system residence young workers hostel protected residence grooms quarters
resident short-term resident core memory resident stored permanently
memory resident borderer borderlander border resident
legal resident permanent resident temporary resident reside
be resident ordinarily reside be ordinarily resident residual
residue lignocellulosic agricultural residue anode scrap roasting residue
carbon residue crop waste crop residue last runnings
tails latter fraction filter residue veterinary drug residue
animal waste pesticide residue solvent residue organic plant residue
radioactive residue dry residue solid waste screenings
triage residue toxic waste agricultural by-products agricultural residues
on-farm waste agricultural waste animal residues classified waste
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