delivery person distribution frame load spreader group distribution frame
supergroup distribution frame milk man milk woman milkwoman
milkman electronic brake distribution electronic brake-force distribution combined distribution frame
cycle split division freight allocation profit-and-loss sharing
market sharing powersharing sharing of power power sharing
worksharing work sharing store-to-door delivery store door delivery
modal split mail delivery postal delivery rerun
repatriation repatriation of capital capital repatriation voluntary repatriation
repatriated person repatriate returnee repatriate
repechage repellent porcupine provision shark repellent
takeover defense takeover defence impacts direct economic benefits
indirect economic benefits implication indirect effect ripple price effect
reshaping candidate inventory inventory audiovisual repertory
repertoire character repertoire instruction complement instruction repertory
instruction set instruction repertoire diving tables qualitative repeatability
quantitative repeatability rerun automatic repetition sign extension
rollover program rollover project repeatedly repeater
repeater repeater unit repeater repeater-jammer
bidirectional repeater two-way repeater detonating cord amplifier pulse repeater
modem-repeater compass repeater compass repeater indicator heading remote indicator
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