renunciation of a registration surrender of patent waiver of immunity waiver of notice
waiver of a right express waiver implied waiver express waiver
release give up give up surrender
take out abandon waive abandon
waive security release a right waive a right pass an attempt
decline a trial waive a claim waive by conduct misdemeanant
rheochrysine rheodestruction rheoencephalography rheological
rheologic rheoplankton currency realignment realignment of currencies
reordering gene rearrangement reorder re-order
redeployment reassignment re-arrangement re-arranging
reformatting economic pickup arrange product shifting
policy shift shift in policy expenditure-switching repurpose
business turnaround turnaround rheotaxy rheovasography
reovirus reoxidation relief redress
relief repairs war indemnity reparation
redress of a grievance redress of grievance repair of equipment net mending
compensation for damage major repair minor repair repairs and maintenance
net repairer net mender grant relief redress
remove the injury repair a net apportionment distribution
proration allocation apportionment allotment of shares
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