investment income investment revenue corporate income income from property
property income ground-rent ground rent monopoly rent
capital income return to capital overriding royalty discretionary income
household disposable income rent economic rent economic surplus
pure economic rent fixed income land rent land rental
ground rent final yield forest rent forest rental
assessed income implicit rent taxable income to intermediate yield
irregular income marginal income national income real GNDI
RGNDI net national income real national income net operating income
non-wage income ordinary income income per capita per capita income
permanent income individual income personal income disposable personal income
personal disposable income private disposable income disposable income rental income
intangible reward psychic income real disposable income temporary annuity
temporary life annuity total yield transitory income lifetime annuity
lifetime pension straight life annuity life annuity two-life annuity
joint life annuity earning power profitability market yield
market performance financial return stock yield dividend yield
return on investment social profitability maximize returns cost-effective
cost effective profitable internal revenues annuitant
renumbering forfeiture waiver of extradition renunciation of nationality
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