return to scale academic attainment academic performance educational attainment
scholastic achievement academic achievement fineness ratio L D ratio
lift drag ratio agronomically attainable yield agricultural yield yield to maturity
anode efficiency gross return pre-tax yield gross yield
emission efficiency cathode efficiency current yield current return
increasing return quantum efficiency beef yield conversion efficiency
photosynthetic conversion efficiency photosynthetic efficiency photosynthetic rate capture efficiency
current efficiency counting efficiency detection efficiency direct fission yield
independent fission yield primary fission yield earnings yield price earnings reciprocal
earnings price ratio power utilization efficiency carcass dressing percentage dressing percentage
suction line efficiency yield of bonds bond yield capture efficiency
cleaning efficiency collecting efficiency dust collecting efficiency dust collection efficiency
dust extraction efficiency dust separation efficiency extraction efficiency removal efficiency
separating efficiency separation efficiency collection efficiency electron-beam transmission efficiency
radiation efficiency decreasing return diminishing return learning performance
return on capital pumped storage index fuel performance fuel efficiency
crop yield tax yield yield of a tax revaluation factor
tube efficiency economic return coke yield watt hour efficiency
watt-hour efficiency gas yield milling yield volt efficiency
energy performance energy efficiency energy yield power efficiency
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