desertified land SMOP standard potassium chloride GMOP
granular potassium chloride BTWC in-line pump charge cooling system
political instability particulate sampling pump pump-line-injector CMAF
specialised subregional institution subregional institution industrial drilling rig unsustainable production practices
water emulsion motor grader open chamber stainless steel fastener
animal excrements animal dungs band saw contractual arrangement
brush cutter impoundment of water chain saw externality
sawn wood sawn timber shea butter tree shea tree
shea sifting screening INES
data transmission provider AEPC Transatlantic Dialogue hypothetical outcome
trading risk plus factor multiplication factor overshooting
exception capital charge category of commodities volatility of gold
position in gold foreign currency position biological sampling pathological examination
Postal Operator REIMS public postal operator Latest Arrival Time
interconnection pricing FL-LRAIC LRIC LRAIC
local level interconnection single transit interconnection double transit interconnection metropolitan level interconnection
young businessman primary sector supervisory council business agreement
family protocol family agreement succession pact job flexibility
apprentice diploma administrative technical provision FSDP FACF
receiver equipment European Music Office nominal grant equivalent gross grant equivalent
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