water resources CPAS tradeable emission right tradeable emission permit
CCPM CCPMs arbitration clause insurance enterprise
advance charge National Action Plan Euro-Mediterranean Forum biopiracy
rivastigmine Exelon donepezil Aricept
Performance Reserve Territorial Employment Pact carbon oxide breakdown
freelance translation service European Super League European Football League zolmitriptan
non-nutritive sweetening agent non-nutritive sweetener confidentiality of communications itemised billing
consignment customs destination customs-approved use customs approved treatment
Torremolinos Protocol length waterline plimsoll line
keel line foreside rudder stock rake of keel
operating thermal protective aid VHF radio installation DSC encoder
DSC watch receiver MF radio installation direct-printing radiotelegraphy Navtex receiver
CAFAO harmonised technical standard uncertified trap trapping method
certified trap domestic certification process traditional wooden trap Joint Management Committee
trapped animal restraining trap killing trap restraining trapping method
self-mutilation killing trapping method visual evoked response sound evoked response
Eurasian Beaver European beaver beaver European pine marten
raccoon dog prolactin beta endorphin asphalt finisher
combating desertification sustainable management cylinder wall electronic flow compensation
unit injector distributor pump international legal basis isokinetic system
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