maceration buffer pelletbuffer PBS-T Phosphate Buffered Saline-Tween
phosphatase substrate PLEPCI Aristeion Prize architectural heritage
movable heritage movable cultural heritage non-movable heritage European heritage laboratory
transnational joint venture pan-European network hubbing service EVPNUA
EVUA special appeal permanent secretariat executive secretary
Administrative Committee Infoporc medical physicist extrajudicial document
Community air carrier safety functions officially approved organisation conversion training
plurinationality broad-spectrum antibiotic protection of minors protection of infants
European Numbering Forum ETNS easy access equal access
UIFS European Authority optimisation agreement supply agreement
Centraco National Operational Programme CIOP drought
dry sub-humid area profitable disease tropical disease molecular medicine
tropical medicine slavery traffic in children child trafficking
servitude serfdom plurinational International Steering Committee
judicial document recurrent training background vessel
piping nominal size steam engine actuating device
Cooperation Council air cushion radial tyre structure digestibility
poly-beta-hydroxybutyrate stunting tetrasodiumpyrophosphate Nuclear Suppliers Guidelines
radiotherapeutic practice liability majority system majority electoral system
mobile multimedia system mobile multimedia digital information childcare leave
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