transit traffic by-passable traffic tourist traffic electromagnetic clutch
electronic control delta wing drift angle traffic light signal
traffic signal traffic light traffic sign roll-on roll-off ferry
roll-on roll-off ship ro-ro ferry four-stroke cycle ASAP
detra distortion of trade DITRA deflection of trade
instructions for use kidney fat FUPD ologopsony
notification of competition notice of competition rituximab drying
maltol nepotism alpha-amylase rail freight freeway
freight freeway VANS value-added network service local service provider
IPSN SMEDA SME Development Agency ANRD
NCTS explicit call transfer user-to-user signalling Scientific Steering Committee
RIME explanatory report interpretative protocol Accession Convention
criminal jurisdiction mother convention life sentence extradition agreement
warrant of arrest accessory extradition fine make a reservation
logistical support logistic support final sentence conditional liberty
provisional arrest discriminatory prosecution operation coordination unit ILDE
LDEI third system third sector registration certificate
register of vehicles fluorescent fibre fluorescent imprint deliberate self-harm
shipping register register of shipping NRWG European Utility Requirements
benchmark exercise LOCA Important Bird Area bromoform
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