wholly obtained product unit of qualification territorial requirement sanitary measure
ScVC Scientific Veterinary Committee swine vesicular disease European Green Forum
flupyrsulfuron-methyl azimsulfuron urea four freedoms the
Save II flint maize FISIM capital account
GFCF gross fixed-capital formation opacimeter Scientific Review Group
REWS cross-border distance selling cross-border distance sales tele-shopping
distance selling organised distance sales distance contract distance communication
automated calling system automatic calling machine unaddressed printed matter addressed printed matter
audiotext door-to-door selling door-to-door sale deregulation policy
deregulation VIZO SPOC single contact point
Enterprise Formalities Centre CERFA single registration form identification number
service voucher coordinating department Simplification Committee Small Business Forum
Inter-ministerial committee Central Trade Register National Tax Board period of eligibility
form of assistance real costs expenditure actually incurred probative value
overhead allocation overheads indirect costs financial engineering
bank guarantee working capital racism xenophobia
anti-Semitism RAXEN trade agreement Bougainville Transitional Government
Connected Telecommunications Equipment DPKO full container ship non-returnable pallet
non-reusable pallet one-way pallet single-service pallet expendable pallet
hydrofoil fixed-wing aircraft external-external traffic through traffic
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