acute disease age at entry age at marriage age next birthday
amenorrhoea amenorrhea area sampling bar chart
biological family full-term birth birth at term central death rate
reproductive period childbearing period civil marriage closed population
cluster sampling cohort fertility cohort fecundability generation life table
cohort life table comparative mortality index crude rate current population statistics
current school statistics population pyramid age pyramid decile
mortality differences differential mortality effective fertility ever-married person
exogamy fecundability maternal reproduction rate female reproduction rate
fertility rate field survey field inquiry final rate
first marriage rate frequency polygon geriatrics index of bunching
index of heaping index of attraction inter-pregnancy interval interpregnancy interval
quartile first-birth interval puerperium lying-in period
masculinity proportion interquartile range menarche change of life
climacteric menopause change mortality table
life table multigravida natality ovulation
peri-natal mortality periodic abstinence rhythm method Ogino-Knaus rule
place of destination pre-marital examination primigravida relative frequency
religious marriage remarriage sampling fraction seeking work
quartile deviation sex structure sex distribution standard population
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