joint educational project individual mark physical handicap breeding stock
Co-President magnesium oxide anhydrous magnesia carrier medium
carrier material forkbeards MBBR moving-bed biofilm reactor
aeration basin overall treatment capacity aerobic zone nitrogen-removing mode
anoxic zone nitrifying zone Democratic Transition Government denitrifying zone
street-child trafficking in women child abuse statement with debate
special-depreciation scheme economic goods replacement investment legally independent firm
partial production costs recipient firm designation fee class of goods
class of services basic application territorial extension lithothamnion
manganous oxide manganic oxide zinc carbonate ammonium molybdate
stone meal cuttlefish bone oyster shell fish autolysate
fish hydrolysate fish proteolysate biotechnological invention requirement for patentability
criterion for patentability living matter microbiological process biological material
microbiological material patentable invention animal variety soya milk
illegal employment Community official national official act of violence
deprivation of liberty suppression of terrorism offence of conspiracy amnesty
execution of penalty presumption of consent farm manager smoothing
graduation extrapolation non-response failure to reply
period menses earner breadwinner
corrected rate general death rate crude death rate crude marriage rate
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