telecommunications network TCFC waterborne base coat water of crystallisation
cylinder capacity displacement engine capacity engine displacement
swept volume capacity evaporative control system fuel feed
fuel tank inlet humidity correction factor ignition condenser inertia range
limit of determination manual transmission manual gear box microswitch
minimum speed-category symbol multi-residue method multiresidue method opening pressure
phytotoxic effect pure active substance relevant exposure level relevant impurity
saturation vapour pressure significant impurity spark plug specificity
static ignition timing tailpipe emission-sampling system temperature switch testing mass
throttle housing water temperature sensor silver chloride sodium hydroxymethylamino-acetate
nifedipine calcium antagonist Ca-antagonist beta-blocker
Public Health Code Community vineyard register land degradation forum for consultation
further processing producing member freely usable currency fractional votes
tropical forest resources special account pre-project subaccount project subaccount
Bali Partnership Fund governmental organization goods in storage trade flow
capital resources market technology employment generation job creation
employment creation Joint Council research entity EC-Israel Research Committee
central authority charcoal criminal law criminal law
guarantee fund prosecution copper carbonate monohydrate national sovereign conference
square-meshed netting basic registration IMPEL IMPEL network
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