intervention level natural radiation source qualified expert ambient dose equivalent
directional dose equivalent expanded field fluence mean quality factor
personal dose equivalent quality factor organ absorbed dose tissue absorbed dose
neutron proton heavy nucleus ecopoint
removal of asbestos asbestos removal Documentary databases mobility organiser
mobility circuit quality commitment mobility portal site JACS
OCCAR Armaments Cooperation Organisation office of origin miscegenation
satellite footprint geographical reach strategic objective polyester staple fibre
anti-trust law Central Consultancy Register CJHA drying period
drying curing protein-cleaving enzyme proteolytic enzyme
protease satellite system ellipsometer baker s honey
blossom honey chunk honey Intact Stability Code conductivity ash
decapped comb dextrose monohydrate direct participation drained honey
draining decapped combs dried glucose fruit purée HALE
Health-Adjusted Life Expectancy health expectancy heather honey high-solid clear coat
HSC Code insolvency law neck shear criterion neck tension criterion
new ship new craft nutritive saccharide payment netting
physical activity press honey refractory product remote-controlled manipulator
semi-white sugar side-collision side-on collision side impact
significant wave height silicon nitride statistical parameter sugar solution
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