rehabilitation of addicts psychological reorientation permissive attitude punitive approach
skin disease emotional stability natural stimulant synthetic stimulant
dangerous drugs register psychedelic substance synthetic psychotropic substance hyperexcitability
withdrawal syndrome psycho-organic syndrome organic mental syndrome toxic syndrome
fall in blood-pressure rise in blood-pressure emotional tension behaviour therapy
substitution therapy theriaca cross-tolerance multiple drug abuse
multi-substance abuse panaddiction polydrug use poly-drug use
polysubstance abuse multiple addiction dependence-producing habit-forming
addictive toxicopathy toxicosis addict-pusher
addict-peddler network of peddlers chain of peddlers methadone maintenance treatment
compulsory treatment voluntary treatment ecstatic trance disturbance of attentiveness
circulatory disturbance cardiovascular failure heart circulatory collapse cardiovascular collapse
orientation disturbance somatic disorder physical disorder psychosensory disorder
sleep disturbance vagotonia primary sample economic risk
protection piece chafing tax competition multipurpose vessel
radar radiodetection and ranging radar dead centre
setting range conformity of production response time lactating animal
paying agent lanolin babassu oil ground nut oil
oiticica oil jojoba oil wood tar pitch wood pitch
copying paste Citizens advice desk complaint about maladministration EIPPCB
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