euphoria euphoriant central stimulant psychedelic experience
feverishness febrility mania of persecution delusion of persecution
cognitive function underground den hallucination hallucinosis
hebephrenia cerebral hemorrhages postvaccinal hepatitis inoculation hepatitis
viral hepatitis infectious hepatitis heroin addiction hidrosis
forced laughing compulsive laughing mental hygiene hyperacousia
hyperesthesia hyperaesthesia polypnea hyperpnea
hypesthesia hypomania low blood pressure hypotension
idiosyncrasy hallucinated image social maladjustment alcohol intake
alcohol ingestion nasal inhalant nasal inhalant drug nasal inhalant powder
inhaler early initiation permissive society subcutaneous injection
hypodermic injection sleeplessness insomnia barbituric intoxication
barbiturate intoxication chronic intoxication psychic intoxication morbid jealousy
clandestine laboratory chromosome damage chromosomal damage hyperphrasia
logorrhoea excessive loquacity sociotherapy social therapy
garrulity coca chewer loss of self-control unsteadiness of gait
underground market illicit market psychological maturing biological maturity
bad home surrounding maladjusted fringe group sociocultural setting chromosome change
thebaism morphinism morphinist morphine addict
morphinomania morphine addiction narco-analysis nausea
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