outburst fit of temper underground group fringe group
alcoholic coma sense of inferiority inferiority complex psychopathological complication
somatic complication aggressive behaviour compulsive behaviour delinquent behaviour
criminal behaviour infantile behaviour passive behaviour drug use behaviour
drug abusing behaviour headache tablet feeling of displeasure seizure of narcotics
feeling of estrangement feeling of insufficiency expansion of consciousness narrowed conciousness
feeling of lightness main constituent political dissent feeling of omnipotence
cultural setting psycho-somatic disorder social restraint convulsion
epileptiform convulsion syringe narcotics-related crime decriminalisation
total physical degeneration juvenile delinquent alcoholic delirium psychic dependence
physical dependence capacity social inadaptability critical threshold convulsivant action
hallucinatory activity hallucinatory action nocuous action age of introduction
age at introduction feeling of gratification secondary deviation social deviance
dipsomania effective dose daily dose therapeutic dose
toxic dose licit drug legal drug drug education
drug use drug consumption occasional drug user dyspepsia
ebriety inebriation drunkenness consciousness-altering effect
speech difficulty alcoholic encephalopathy drug epidemic addiction epidemic
therapeutic group ergotism insane state demented state
dysphoric mood dysphoria etherism etiology
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