racemoramide racemorphan scopolamine thebacon
theobromine trimeperidine trimethoxyamphetamine loss of conciousness
abulia time sense sense of time compulsory abstinence
long-term abuse long-standing abuse occasional misuse occasional abuse
regular abuse rapid heartbeat acroesthesia analgesic action
euphoriant action stimulating action excitant action narcotic action
hypnotic action paralysing action olfactory acuity social adolescence
chronic brain damage phychomotor agitation state of agitation aggressivity
aggressiveness alkaloid alcoholic alcoholism
alcohol dependence impaired judgement alteration in judgement slimming drug
antipyretic analgesic toxicological analysis chromosomal abnormality personality inadequacy
personality aberration anomia specific narcotic antagonists drug blocking medication
antidote treatment anuria anuresis apathy
apnoea group membership drug supply network driving ability
respiratory failure respiratory arrest muscular atrophy reduced school performance
short-acting barbiturate barbiturate type dependence burglary of a pharmacy cannabism
cannabis addiction impairment of judgement difficulties in judgement intelligence failure
coenesthesia cenesthesia change of mood brain chemistry
pharmacochemistry crisis of civilisation drug clinic special withdrawal clinic
cocainism cocainomania cocaine addiction coherent thought
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