aconite pharmacological action pharmacologic action hearing capacity
auditory acuity chronic alcoholism weak-sightedness amblyopia
local anesthesia local anaesthesia anaesthetic local anaesthetic
anorectic agent appetite depressant anorectic opioid antagonist
opiate antagonist antiparkinsonian cough suppressant antitussive
anxiolytic agent anxiolytic apoplexy atropine
detoxication unit detoxication ward disintoxication unit disintoxication ward
drug treatment centre withdrawal centre detox centre mental clouding
mental confusion thinking disorder thought disorder confusion of mind
exciccosis dyspnoea respiratory depression dyspnea
ethyl ether hyperglycaemia pharmaceutical industry alcoholic intoxication
marijuana pupil dilation pupillary dilation mydriasis
miosis active principle psychoanaleptic drug medical supervision
personality disorder character disorder respiratory disorder respiratory disturbance
disorder of breathing social environment social background imitative impulse
psychopharmacon self-regulating community psychic disorder emotional disorder
eau-de-vie aconitine alcohol betaprodine
allylprodine alphameprodine alphamethadol alphaprodine
anileridine apomorphine benzethidine benzylmorphine
betameprodine betamethadol bufotenine respiratory rhythm
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