deviant behaviour abnormal behaviour diplopia perception disorder
perceptual disturbance distortion of perception inability to concentrate distractibility
drug abuse anischuria bedwetting enuresis
incontinence of urine aconuresis environmental factor ergotamine
group psychotherapy dependence-producing drug habit-forming drug addictive drug
cephalgia caphalalgia medical authority henbane
heroin addict high blood pressure impairment of perception laudanum
levophenacylmorphan memory psychiatric patient mentally ill person
MAOI monoamine oxidase inhibitor myoclonus naloxone
national health service neurological disorder neuron neurone
nerve cell dimenoxadol pharmacologist sociopath
psychopath physical dependence pseudohallucination neurosis
relapse rate relief from tension relaxation schizophrenic psychosis
schizophrenia ataractic drug ataraxic ataractic
self-administration soft drug solvent thinner
dilutant settlement date surrogate substitute
non-opposition procedure short-term loan thymoleptic therapeutic community
maintenance treatment toxicologist toxicology tremor
vertigo lightheadedness visual disturbance defective vision
withdrawal disintoxication absinth common monkshood
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