Stoddard solvent first option clause mango lemon
ADTT AIDE Investment-Development-Employment Action Power Purchase Agreement
CEDIM Chinese Patent Office CTMO TESS
net surfing surfing Internet surfing salad beetroot
celeriac edible root pineapple pawpaw
papaya quince apricot prune
almond filbert hazelnut cobnut
EDDA joint-disposal LNTG bearer cheque
cellular radiotelephony NCAC EUTC shared cost service
shared revenue service S-PCS hydroxyl hydroxyl number
chloroacetyl chloride glycolether organic dust quartz
polycondensation trade corridor rate of urbanization Head of Mission
trypanosomiasis CIPT ECBM thiamine
thiamin rules of origin PCDF polychlorodibenzofurane
polychlorinated dibenzo-furan ecotoxicological testing refugee sur place airport transit visa
airport transit arrangements test substance lethal threshold dose Japanese quail
lowest lethal concentration microcosm mesocosm chronic sediment toxicity
rodenticidal bait sublethal effect parasitoid TERa
toxicity exposure ratio TERst TERlt estimated theoretical exposure
contact toxicity median lethal time premium for tobacco varroacide
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