electronic locking system control equipment set state unset state
override alarm signal device inclination sensor panic alarm
false alarm audible alarm radio alarm semi-anechoic chamber
AOSA Freight Committee mandatory cargo-allocation system single-ended light bulb
opposition fee appeal fee revocation fee invalidity fee
shared-cost contract co-contractor NAFO Fisheries Commission sheltered waters
safety management manual container cargo gross tonnage bulk oil carrier
vehicle carrier dry cargo barge clock hour counterclaim
express mail service Monitoring Agency plastic film butterflies and moths
large copper butterfly hexalhydrobenzene UPEACE University for Peace
remedial teacher teacher training college college of education enrolment fee
licentiate degree assistant grade state university land surveyor
State Examining Commission merging of schools occupational agricultural college educational software
teachware educational package Euristote Euristote database
Board of Inspectors Eurotecnet Advisory Committee Comett Advisory Committee Erasmus Advisory Committee
degree in medicine agricultural education European Baccalaureate Agreement SOCRATES
Socrates programme Complaints Board training course chair
International Literacy Year non-entitled pupil pupil initial vocational training
doctoral level post-doctoral level examining board board of examiners
childcare worker applied arts school milk scheme correspondence course student
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