impose fines guarantee society LMIC lower middle-income country
circuit-switched data services economic operator consistency start-up firm
ergonomics forestry tractor National Telecommunications Commission Central Consultancy Register
regional innovation strategy RITTS uprooted people UN peacekeepers
PANEDURA UN-NADAF work equipment safety of workers
health of workers self-loading scraper viticultural tractor Raphael
office paper unit price price transparency final price
satellite receiving site Eurathlon Programme for Sport Eurathlon Committee
Regulation Council public entity international body scale
division of work adopt provisions heritage conservation appropriate regulation
contractual relations senior official broad guidelines assises
adopt detailed rules when convened by supply of reserves foreign-exchange operation
denomination discuss matters general payments system multiannual programme
sound public finances single monetary policy government financial position have a derogation
major health scourges series of guidelines common standard multiannual framework programme
rule governing supplementary programme land use forward a report
fail to act on a non-profit-making basis transfer appropriations meet cash requirements
personal liability draw up proposals cohesive force procedural question
weight votes be authentic spot and forward under repurchase agreements
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