EPRD South Africa Committee Twinning programme GNP-based resource
GNP-based own resource fraud form productivity initiative work attachment programme
external transit system demand-driven approach LIFE-nature project ISSU
Bistro programme Community production price Notenboom Procedure Habitats Committee
LIFE Committee LIFE-non-nature project technical assistance monitoring regional planning
international regional organization programmable aid category of cases Cultural Foundation
Sysbien SSTA Community Initiative Programme evaluation report
assessment report Community initiative SCAC family work unit
SASP national meteorological service value-added service price of production
production cost cost of production Formation Agreement Cross-Border Initiative
Ecomet Product Unit coaster engineer fluorescent whitening agent W-factor
weighting factor Data Collection Centre STEL linear alkylbenzene sulphonate
long-term effect time weighted average mechano-therapy JSTCC
Brazilian codling largehead hairtail shi drum ladyfish
bonefish toluene blue butterfish piper gurnard
mactra surf clams rays skates mantas
jellyfishes stingrays butterfly rays lanternfish
cartilaginous fishes queenfishes rock crabs Jonah crabs
carangids greeneyes azov tyulka tonguefishes
chimaeras lanternfishes round sardinella sauries
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