BEMA GNP capping level currency adjustment factor extensification premium
Phare-democracy programme ecological criterion household waste Visegrad associated country
Paris Club creditor criminal law decision criminal decision foreign-exchange profit
exchange rate gain transfer allowance removal expenses special assistance grant
staff exchange entertainment expenses representation expenses fitting-out of premises
catalogue unit petty expenses freelance typing officially tuberculosis-free status
officially brucellosis-free status Rate Committee Contract Committee capacity non-utilization agreement
space slot chartering vessel-sharing agreement slot-charter activity sea transport service
containerised liner transport conventional liner transport break-bulk liner transport port handling
prefabricated building material liquid goods neo-bulk vessel services market
inland haulage mobility of fleets seasonal fluctuation cyclical excess capacity
DSVK German Shippers Council common rate sailing rights
capacity adjustment formal oral hearing world-wide turnover Community-wide turnover
EFTA-wide turnover NVO-MTO port equalization price-fixing agreement
cartelisation soda lime glass mature market freight pool system
oligopolistic market parallel exporter methane venting water pumping
inherited liability pensioning-off of workers statutory retirement age legal retirement age
hearing loss regional coal company liquidation value calibration check
calibration procedure digital television signal QUID Quantitative Ingredients Declaration
repair clause monopoly right start-up turnover threshold
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