Ministerial Conference Council for TRIPS developed country Member decision-making by consensus
separate customs territory Marrakesh Protocol less-developed Contracting Party developed Contracting Party
specific mandatory legislation statistical notification bound tariff item reporting obligation
notification obligation counter-notification price-based measure import surcharge
import deposit requirement full consultation procedure simplified consultation procedure least-developed country Member
Trade Policy Review tariff offer basic agricultural product budgetary outlay
Base Total AMS Current Total AMS variable import levy trigger level
c i f unit value Usual Marketing Requirements non-actionable subsidy reduction commitment
Government service programme de-coupled income support income insurance programme income safety-net programme
resource retirement programme designated product local government body non-governmental body
technical expert group fragmented industry WTO Secretariat CCC Secretariat
user Member exporting Member exporter Member harmonisation work programme
pre-competitive development activity level of concessions security exception modifying Member
custodial service intra-corporate communications covered agreement establishment of a panel
panel process composition of a panel single panel expert review group
feather meal enterobacteriaceae field of use toxin formation
pentane full fee phenolic resin economic right
translation memory tumour-inducing effect phenotypic marker export ban
CONSOB Stock exchange committee audible alarm device Socialist Party
Social Democratic Party cusk-eels brotulas methyl formate
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