EURO-ISDN pan-European ISDN mark pulse return loss
input port immunity interfering signal cable attenuation frame alignment word
multiframe alignment word sinusoidal jitter sinusoidal wander input jitter
Normal Operational Frame data link connection timer recovery state peer busy condition
total phase deviation tariff slippage victualling barley starch
oat starch burns treatment centre metallic glitter whoopee cushion
letter-post item postal parcel Colombo Panel tritium breeding blanket
process-plus-catalyst package integral-skin foam dehumidifier virtual library
telematics watch action water column sea-floor-water interface sub-sea floor
hydrothermalism active plate boundary sea-ice-system surf zone
swash zone subtidal ecosystem strategic marine research underwater viewing
scaling-up super-capacitor solar photovoltaic electricity generic combustion
annual adjustment allowance for shiftwork intervention wheat reconstituted feed
payment threshold repayment threshold banking pool verification visit
cracking aerosol propellent aerosol propellant quotation centre
waterproofing product Ministerial Decision Technology Cross-Licence Agreement initiation of proceedings
register latch pregelatinisation of starch Interchange Agreement Joint Rapporteurs Team
WEEB UNCID UNTDID head-off shrimp
head-on shrimp Joint Development Agreement Reciprocal Investment Agreement pozzolanic cement
blast-furnace cement blastfurnace cement high alumina cement basing-point system
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