removal of peat turf-cutting peat-cutting vermin
epidemiological surveys epidemiological research peatery peatland
turf moor peat bog redox potential oxidation-reduction potential
predator root tubercle root nodule noxious substance
population density density of population tripton rodent
carnivore suspended matter growth inhibitor behaviour pattern
high-speed networking Executive Board Single Burning Item white-lined chipboard
grey board CEPI deadweight collision
beamer IEA Implementing Agreement Understanding initiation
Bangemann Group grading date WVII-X possible large stellarator
Longitudinal Conversion Loss high product yield high stereospecificity black-tailed godwit
state-owned business Business Telecommunications nonvolatile storage non-volatile memory
Export Policy Committee Rapid Reaction Force CPISA velvet scoter
investor provisioning rate pleading geographical market
geographic market inter-bank market negotiable instrument rehabilitation of victims
market value carcinogenesis whitefly withdrawal
shareholders meeting additional right development work Agricultural investment programme
national guaranteed quantity tourism impulse programme cruise ship cruising ship
passenger cruise ship cruise liner port of call port of landing
port of discharge contact person subcontracting restrictive trade practice
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