carbonless copy paper desirability study Construction Products Directive European foulbrood
fixed charge logistic support vessel near infrared FTIR
Fourier Transform Infrared propyl alcohol lump sum contract unit-price contract
cost-plus contract provisional price contract coastline development project restocking of waterways
grooved carpet shell clam variegated scallop scrubber sludge
animal health condition rearing establishment hatchery quarantine
authorized veterinarian authorised veterinarian approved laboratory distribution outlet
grid of origin radio identity code paging receiver European Social Space
European Social Area frame relay one-stop authorisation flexible retirement
heat treated milk egg product satellite earth station posidonia bed
liner shipping company Nuclear Magnetic Resonance teratogenic substance teratogen
high speed steel spot check occasional random checking warning letter
capital duty annual duty employers contribution no measures notified
exportability principle government programme contract passenger capacity dihydrostreptomycin
outbound fare inbound fare core site speaking note
soft tick amphibole asbestos three-point seat belt two-tier application
maize meal masa flour maize flour ACCA
pile-driver replacement market acrylonitrile-butadiene-styrene copolymer acrylonitrile-butadienestyrene copolymer
guillotining scoring folding bookbinding
binding stitching binding packing
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