stability in heat sensitivity to impact sensitivity to friction detonation sensitivity
grabrail self-adhesive sticker no quotation calcium silicide
personal watercraft submersible toerail safety rail
hatch self-draining boat multi-hulled ship multihull craft
inter-library loan inter-library lending alkylbenzene alkylnaphthalene
bending roller chlorinated solvent industrialised country debt funding
debt consolidation artificial filament fabric coated fabric detectability threshold
Gaffkaemia disease Halal method cold shutdown safeguards system
processor media library mediatheque moral right
incineration plant incineration by oxidation plasma process start-up operation
shut-down operation hazardous waste feed dust arrestment plant total dust
PeCDD pentachlorodibenzodioxin Hexachlorodibenzo-p-dioxin HpCDD
heptachlorodibenzodioxin OCDD octachlorodibenzodioxin TCDF
tetrachlorodibenzofuran PeCDF pentachlorodibenzofuran HxCDF
hexachlorodibenzofuran HpCDF heptachlorodibenzofuran OCDF
octachlorodibenzofuran test strip inductively coupled plasma waste fraction
fraction of waste spray absorption wet gas-cleaning lime milk
after-burning spray absorber dry electrostatic precipitator baghouse filter
wet ESP wet electrostatic precipitator receivable order research centre
lease maintenance contract GMDSS salaried employee
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