mobile lifting frame straddle carrier moving floor moving pavement
moving sidewalk moving walkway passenger conveyor pedestrain
moving carpet scarifier weeder seeder
haymaking machinery secretarial allowance fixed entertainment allowance fixed travel allowance
temporary daily allowance temporary fallowing scheme MFSU intra-Community network
best practice investment forum systemic overall approach technology fair
pay restraint wage restraint pay moderation services sector
services industry right of deduction individual guarantee toilet water
area-aid area aid general format updating indicator
internal number pelagic trawler pelagic trawler cutter pelagic cutter trawler
longlining cutter longliner cutter pelagic seiner suction dredger
Community tuberculin unit international agglutinating unit EEC sensitising unit priority technology project
network control system network management system pre-basic seed right of priority
successor in title interlocutory revision further appeal Formalities Examining Division
plutonium oxide youth worker oxygenator itinerant trade
itinerant street vendor itinerant street trader tuberculo-protein guinea pig
brucella agglutination agglutinating value bacterial dissociation potato agar
bacterial emulsion physiological saline dilution factor hematoxylin
haematoxylin safranin stopping solution agar gel
voluntary social sector residential care institution residential institution residential care facility
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