multifund approach water fluoridation favoured client enforcement of fines
chemical agent occupational exposure level occupational guidance value indicator of effect
competent person organophosphoric ester tetrachloroethane blood-lead level
ALAU zinc protoporphyrin haematofluorimetry creatinine
impact indicator retirement benefit sponsoring body hot-gas cleaning
hot-gas filtration hanging candle grate combustion pulverised coal combustion
distillate oil combustion residual oil combustion SNCR selective non-catalytic reduction
turbo-charger non-rotational set-aside oligo fructose petroleum bitumen
asphaltite asphaltic rock natural asphalt anti-rust preparation
anti-corrosion preparation mould release preparation joint planning maltodextrin
maltodextrine drive-unit magneto-optical disc optical detector
amplifier multiple printed circuit serial shift register magnetic head signal
flexible printed circuit external data-bus external address-bus decoupling capacitor
bus controller memory controller ferrite magnetic head hard disc file-peripheral
carrying arm carrier arm optical encoder printed circuit socket
rigid magnetic disc hermetically sealed housing coupling flange three-phase winding
brush laser read-head deflector yoke deflection unit
video entry-phone zoom encoder stepping motor unit zoom motor unit
iris motor unit photo interrupter photosensitive cell liquid-filled cooling armature
potentiometer carbon resistor running torque electronic calculating machine
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