mackerels carpet shell orfe roach
European carp common carp tench carp and carp-like-fish
cyprinids carp pike-perch perch
European perch European whitefish trouts chars
European smelt salmonids powan pollan
morid cods moras gadiforms gadiformes
dusky grouper seabasses seaperches groupers
sweetlips grunts meagre lean meat
large-eye dentex Atlantic redfishes common dentex red gurnard
Atlantic saury blue-fish bluefish dogfish sharks
groundfishes pelagic fishes finfishes palinurid spiny lobsters
European flat oyster blue mussel razor clams octopuses
stony sea-urchin purple sea urchin brown seaweed seaweeds
marine macroalgae red hake summer flounder tautog
tilefish Atlantic butterfish Atlantic menhaden bay anchovy
American conger American shad Atlantic thread herring Baird s smooth head
Baird s slickhead blueback herring gizzard shad rainbow smelt
spot croaker spot tarpon soft clam
red seaweeds control of chemicals individual agreement environmentally friendly energy
fast courier service host State allowance for wage-earners geo-stationary orbit
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