dune grassland open grassland oligotrophic water exposed bank
oligo-mesotrophic water temporary pond thermo-mediterranean brush pre-steppe brush
sclerophyllous grazed forest eutrophic tall herbs hay meadow degraded raised bog
alkaline fen calcareous fen alpine pioneer formation siliceous scree
eutric scree thermophilous scree limestone pavement beech forest
oak-hormbeam forest ravine forest fraxinus angustifolia woods Caledonian forest
residual alluvial forest gallery forest thermo-Mediterranean riparian gallery palm stand
palm grove acidophilous forest endemic black pine endemic Mesogean pine
anaesthetic bait forecast supply balance mandatory act tax on assets
chlorofluorine derivative tax incentive scheme toy eraser contract involving consideration
arbitration service conciliation service indicative notice declaration of bankrupting
declaration of bankruptcy physical health judicial redress judicial remedy
judicial claim pedicurist chiropodist claimant
own-debt security troll croaker net Broadband Island
road information system aeronautical public correspondence pre-funded scheme Critical Control Point
fragile species linkage principle storage installation vapour recovery unit
bottom loading equipment flat-rate reference income average production income banana coefficient
grandfathered activity potato delivery certificate environment-friendly packaging iso-butanol
isobutanol isobutyl phthalate mainframe computer mainframe
supermini tapioca tafia arrack
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