ready meal single-blade circular saw multi-blade circular saw demountable power feed
reciprocating saw-bench surface planing machine press-brake hydraulic-powered roof support
biological dosimetry retrospective physical dosimetry storage pit default of appearance
failure to attend non-appearance in court non-attendance default
upholstered furniture fixed sale mapping data georeferenced statistics
general collaboration agreement abandonment linking and looping assembly
foster family full adoption simple adoption period of reflection
illegitimate descent natural affiliation natural descent biological consanguinity
grey heron productive livestock prop stand centre stand
registration plate number plate passenger hand-hold handhold for a passenger
right to a hearing right of defence official error service error
service-related fault administrative error mass-coloured polyester yarn investment gold
mangosteen transit stop electronic distance meter oyster-farm
disaggregated statistics industrial roundwood open information interchange Community fishing zone
coastal waters coastal band medical expenses total quality
enrichment benefication deacidification potassium caseinate
casein salt silica gel tirage liqueur drawn-off liquid
expedition liqueur sweetener dose flavoured wine
aromatised wine restraint aerated sparkling wine wine distillate
alcoholic strength natural alcoholic strength natural alcohol content tannin
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