flexible machining centre rush baggage expedite baggage chilled sea water
refrigerated sea water removal of peat layer of peat rigged-up vessel
nominal weight cylindrical bearing spherical bearing needle bearing
auxiliary steering equipment UNCR MTNC transmitted throughput
received throughput turnaround time round trip delay call set-up delay
multiple subscriber number three-party conference three-party service three-party call
crawler-tractor loader headform test blackleg presentation
damage dandelion blackbird control authority
rook jackdaw collared dove critical point
bright annealing carbide red fescue malleable cast iron
pig iron cast iron ferro-alloy ferro-silico-manganese
FeSiMn ferrosilicomanganese graphite spheroidal graphite
rough-cut smoking tobacco carbon disulphide carbon disulfide chlordimeform
DTPA diethylenetriamine pentaacetic acid chlorotetracycline chlortetracycline
aureomycine H-COOH methanoic acid formic acid
cyanides dicamba N -Dichlorofluoromethylthio-N N-dimethyl-N -phenyl-sulphamide dichlofluanid
p-Dichlorobenzene acrylonitrile propenenitrile vinyl cyanide
achryl-nithril DIPA diisopropanolamine dimethyl sulphate
dimethyl terephthalate acrylaldehyde acrolein di-octylphthalate
dioctylphthalate ferric dimethyldithio-carbamate ferbam allyl alcohol
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