cyclic redundancy checking Cyclical Redundancy Check cyclic redundancy check in-service monitoring
container corner fitting cast steel advice of delivery delivery advice
return receipt acknowledgement of receipt telefax cereal-based compound feedingstuff
new knowledge throughput feed rate sharps
mineral tar filing cabinet fob price flange
spring swede rape hazardous substance heartwater cowdriosis
anaplasmosis premium scheme Barbados cherry acerola
marine biology laboratory optical character reader fuel flow fuel delivery
flowmeter horticultural industry polluting goods redfish
presentation display lightning arrestor assistance expenses
fuelling trouble-shooting debugging delay line
disaster-prone area differential crosspoint switch analogue-to-digital converter digitiser
Analog Digital Converter photo-detector photodetector Emergency Management Manual
grid floor genealogical certificate disc storage unit subscription
building society Community investigation procedure Helcom Combating Manual contagious epididymitis
organostannic pesticide slimicide earth-moving machine earthmoving machinery
earth-moving equipment hexyloxyethanol exhaust silencer tobacco refuse
tobacco waste offal threshed tobacco tobacco powder
tobacco in powder homogenised tobacco leaf reconstituted tobacco homogenised tobacco
harvest year tobacco crop year tobacco harvest year crop year
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