perishable goods ribbed celery sweet pepper heavy lamb
self-inflicted injury poultry product band chemical intermediate
renotification discriminating dose molecular formula nature of impurities
method of determination toxicokinetic behaviour absorption screening test desorption screening test
authorised target species radioactivity certificate radiation certificate tarred paper bag
knitted fabric knitted or crocheted hosiery slip
certificate of authenticity radio-broadcast receiver sugar cane-sugar-rum sector cane-sugar-rum sector
stone clearing stone picking removal of stones farm road
levelling soil compaction soil decompaction agricultural rum
grafted component graft responsible official body pomological value
certified material virus-free material virus-tested material Culicoides insect
standard serum reference reagent virus isolate smoking tobacco product
health education sachet portion porous sachet goose rump
goose paletot supplementary amount additional amount processed cheese
waste paper de-inking installation control copy common transit document
milk component assimilated product pilot product milk granules
whey granules composite food preparation galactose tricalcium bis orthophosphate
aliphatic solvent rosin acid resin acid organic livestock production
grated shredded tuna bed linen video monitor video projector
retrospective Community surveillance on-demand switching circuit-switched data service bulk provision
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