Social Democratic Party National Coalition Party Swedish People s Party Centre Party
Kela Employees Pensions Act National Pensions Act Survivors Pensions Act
benchmarking study Health Insurance Act frontman front man
reflecting strip interconnected paging paging service TSER
Targeted Socio-economic Research single rate pension butanoic acid The Left
Left Alliance linear levy IACS ISSCFG
ISSCFV broken grains green grains Paris Convention
International Press Club IGC Code GIEWS ISTA
yotta zetta peta tera
giga mega kilo hecto
deca deci centi milli
micro pico femto atto
zepto yocto steradian atomic mass unit
kilojoule ampere per metre ampere per meter volts per metre
volt per metre dioptre gross register tonne Scientology Church
Church of Scientology Package Deal Agreement Baltic Convention PTBT
ILZSG Madeiran sardinella International Energy Programme Industry Advisory Board
Regional Environment Centre IPRA International Advisory Committee ICAR
London Convention company accounts SACB ISM Code
ISMC target group grounds of urgency compact disc
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