tobacco abuse nicotinism grass-fed beef transport premium
PEPPER GVA UFL concept of globality formation fund
Tsetse fly declaration on forests fostering Party of origin
Affected Party Concerned Party transboundary impact TR transfer note
oil refinery crude oil refinery asbestos-cement product groundwater abstraction
log carrier interrupted transit sick-bay LT certificate
long-term certificate textile pulp imprest account procedure fragmentation test
mechanical strength test ball-impact test abrasion test resistance-to-radiation test
optical distortion test secondary-image-separation test p-rosaniline hydrochloride basic fuchsin
anhydrous sodium metabisulphite Schiff s reagent ESCR consignment note CIM
break bulk vessel vessel turn-around time containerisable goods stock of containers
third-country shipowner cross-trader binder binder twine
baler twine sisal twine misappropriation of aid widow s pension
widow s benefit widower s pension widower s benefit basic process
acid treatment photochemical pollution citrus fruit fair inshore fishing
deep sea fishing ignitability test pluriactivity CEBV
CFIDS Chronic Fatigue Syndrome myalgic encephalomyelitis postviral fatigue syndrome
PVFS yuppie flu chronic Epstein-Barr virus absorbable halogen compound
hypochlorite bleaching mothproofing product phenothiazine Euro-Odyssey
non-sovereign territory O-acetylsalicylic acid ferro-silicon notifier
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