GMMO genetically modified micro-organism phosphate buffered saline pustular vulvo-vaginitis
infectious pustular vulvo-vaginitis low concessional loan compressed natural gas excavator
pre-stunning matching finance consumer electronics charge-coupled device
setting-off system social disadvantage colour picture tube cash on delivery
ADAM discussion seminar air operator s certificate tuna seiner
calendering machine calender INNM application for revision
contracting party natural person public order public policy
law and order local frontier traffic capital gains tax waiter service
interface port fish population independent validation environmental review
environmental protection system environmental audit environmental statement environment statement
contingency procedure double hull VLCD very-low calorie diet
low-calorie diet nautical tourism boat tourism spring water
source water water bomber hazard warning signal hazard warning device
thiophosphoric ester powder-actuated fastening crawler-tractor dozer backhoe loader
power shovel hydraulic excavator OpCo operating company
minimum guarantee fund portfolio of contracts credit insurance equalisation reserve
efficient portfolio management technical provision due date repayment date
date of expiry Lloyd s underwriter service braking device secondary braking device
parking braking device reserve of travel anti-lock device controller
modulator feeder organization programming mandate tabagism
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