Strata Strategy Stratification Stratified randomization
Strength of association Surveillance Surveillance of disease Survey
Survey instrument Survey methods Survival analysis Survival curve
Survival function Survival ratio Survival table Survivorship study
Symbiosis Symmetrical relationship Syndrome Systematic error
Systems analysis t-test Taxonomy of disease Test hypothesis
Test of significance Theoretical epidemiology Therapeutic trial Threshold phenomena
Time cluster Time-place cluster Total fertility rate Transport host
Trend Trend line Twin pairs Twin study
Two-tail test Unbiassed estimator Uncontrolled variable Underestimation
Utility Vaccine validity scientific validity
Measurement validity Study validity Variable control variable
Variance Variate vector Vector space
Venn diagram Virgin population Vital records Vital statistics
Washout phase Withdrawals Withdrawn alive Worm count
Xenodiagnosis Yates correction YPLL yield
Youden s index Zero-time shift abafungin abanoquil
abciximab abecarnil abiraterone abitesartan
ablukast abunidazole acadesine acamprosate
acaprazine acarbose acebrochol acebutolol
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