waste disposal installation disposal installation production residue consumption residue
off-specification product time-expired product reject battery spent catalyst
spent catalytic converter exhausted catalyst still bottoms baghouse dust
lathe turnings mill scale oil field slops biodegradation
deep injection pumpable discards salt dome naturally occuring repository
surface impoundment lined cell seabed insertion storage battery
accumulator alkaline manganese battery buttoncell button cell battery
trichinosis Argentine stand-by arrangement analysis report
Community-scale undertaking legitimate expectation State retirement pension coordinated airport
scheduling coordinator airport coordinator programmed non-scheduled service slot pool
local adviser follow-up of matchings host government Executive Director
view-data service pilot-plant rendering bio-assay biological assay
biological test bioassay bearer service ecological dumping
ecotourism centre tied-house system sandstone flats mist net
corrective measure carry-over carrying appropriations forward interim implementation report
end-of-year report transfer tables rate of utilization authorising department
principle of specificity individual annual tranche recommitment dormant commitment
COMPEX import declaration permanent fallow rotational fallow
rotating set-aside customer contractor principle person-year staff-year
man-year PFDS silty area double envelope system
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