mixed plutonium-uranium oxide LASCAR alternative justice environmentally friendly farming
AECCG AHFV Junin virus Seoul virus
Ebola virus rabies virus Lyssa virus Lassa virus
grassroots organisation cross supplies physical interaction scientific apparatus
time-sensitive document heating network district heating scheme mono-organotin compound
di-organotin compound defence advisory team non-refillable container document exchange system
reserved area high-energy study centre receive-only satellite station Palma document
supernatant coagulum harness belt buckle shock-sensor
impact sensor pyrotechnic pre-loading device pre-fixed aid rate heavy category premium
slot mask slit mask radiological monitoring system contingent loan
conditional loan minority shareholding minority holding steppe zone
semi-steppe zone Pic procedure severely restricted chemical time of demand
trustee chairman President Vice-President
immunity of archives approval deemed given biohazard sign medical check
health surveillance representation allowance official expenditure allowance special-duty allowance
duty allowance medium-term loan facility petroleum products digital avionics
remanufactured product reconditioned product tape library capercaillie
limit state partial safety coefficient permissible stress method hare coursing
statute for steelworkers transferable pension rights portable pension rights unofficial statistics
alpha acid content bitter hops aromatic hops buffer region
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