Research design Reservoir of infection Resolution Resolving power
Response rate Retrospective study Risk Risk benefit ratio
Risk difference Risk factor Risk ratio Robust
Rubric Safety factor Safety standards Sampling error
Sampling variation Sanitary cordon Scale Scatter diagram
Scenario building Screening level Seasonal variation Secondary attack rate
Secular trend Selection Self-selection Sensitivity and specificity
Sensitivity testing Sequential analysis Serendipity Seroepidemiology
Sex ratio Sex-specific rate Shoe-leather epidemiology Siblings
Sibship Signal-to-noise ratio Significance Significant
Simpson s paradox Simulation Situation analysis Skew distribution
Slow virus Smoking habits Social class Social drift
Social medicine Socioeconomic classification Socioeconomic status Soft data
Soundex code Source of infection Spearman s rank correlation Specific measure
Specific rate Specification Spectrum of disease Spleen rate
Spot map Stable population Standard deviation Standardization
Standardized measure Standardized morbidity ratio Standardized mortality ratio Standardized rate ratio
Stationary population Statistical error Statistical inference Statistical model
Statistical test Statistics Steady state Stereogram
Stillbirth Stillbirth certificate Stillbirth rate Stillborn
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