rutile world-wide radio-navigation system global radio-navigation system staggered vacations
staggering of holidays staggered holiday arrangements remove responsibility returnee
displaced person head hunter no-veto principle ISSRO
TRAX jackfruit Dialogue Group outright grant
motor vehicle intermediary CCNR Central Rhine Commission exhaust gas analyser
Equivalent Transmission Capacity tax identification code public transport self-regulatory organisation
self-regulating organisation delivered ex-ship cultivated mushroom deflection of trade
infrastructure quotient trunk link wild cat established entitlement
weighted average rate firm place of business establishment
commercial name trade name commercial description half duplex data-transfer
staging point transfer point urban road pricing heat billing
critically endangered species issuance scientific authority specimen
ceramic matrix composite parent worked specimen artificially propagated specimen
grain whisky indigenous species tail biting holding facilities
farrowing crate possibly extinct farrowing rails streamlining border controls
repayment supplement malt whisky environmental migrant environmental refugee
eco-refugee maize germ oil black rhinoceros black rhino
African elephant non-alloy pig iron coumarin polymer matrix composite
methylcoumarin ethylcoumarin phoneme speech synthesiser rapeseed methyl esther
steelmaking iron common host centre foundry iron alloy pig iron
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