SLIC EPCI multiple bus buffer phase locked loop
emitter-coupled logic programmable logic device SPLD programmable logic array
FPLA clock generator RAMDAC DUART
solids-no fats non-specified indicative limit value claim
signatory bureau handling bureau paying bureau explosive when dry
cornea opacity redness of conjunctivae oedema of conjunctivae chemosis
toxigenicity genotoxicity degradation potential deep coastal waters
tomato flakes ld PE LDPE low-density polyethylene
cellulose acetate cellulose acetate butyrate melamine formaldehyde urea formaldehyde
unsaturated polyester polybutylene terephthalate AMMA acrylonitrile methylmethacrylate
PEPEX cross-linked polyethylene cadmium plating monomethyl-tetrachlorodiphenyl methane
monomethyl-dichloro-diphenyl methane CERIF Common Communication Format must-match fields
whole-time equivalent full-time equivalent archives science archivistics
archives administration onomastics orthopedagogy physical sciences
bioenergetics phylogeny palynology ontogeny
andrology psychonomics plausibility monitoring spontaneous cover
coastal engineering beach nourishment self-navigation of vehicles IBC demonstrator
operations support system telecommunications management network free text anthropogenic
telluric hazard self-inspection trefoil seed black medick seed
food shortage hardiness non-disruptive commercial use organic animal production
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