gentian juniper laurel invert sugar
sloe anise star anise anethole
marasca cherry free range egg deep litter egg perchery egg
barn egg optical reading head laser diode photodiode
single-use camera throwaway camera disposable photographic camera chromatic tuner
quartz oscillator point-type frequency meter restricted act decompiling
decompilation PS-RAM pseudo-static random-access memory property tax
automobile framework haul swimcrab piezo lighter
waste water sewage recycling of sludge recirculation of sludge
municipal waste water urban waste water municipal effluents grey water
household waste water domestic waste water industrial waste water collecting system
population equivalent primary treatment secondary treatment appropriate treatment
run-off rain water total oxygen demand sodium carbonate soda
nameplate capacity home market principle purchase for resale refining aid
money launderer EEPROM inkjet printhead bubble memory
thermal printer head dot-matrix display plasma display HEMT
S-cache-RAM write buffer double row buffer multiplier accumulator
burst error processor ECDU monochrome display controller font generator
character generator DCCG interpolation pulse generator graphic display controller
AVDC page mode operation simultaneous processing interleaving
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