resurfacing requested authority carriage paid to advance factory
hiking path family-run hotel adventure holiday certificate of conformity
passenger waybill radio-broadcasting primary rate interface primary rate access
sub-addressing preferential tariff ceiling call waiting advice of charge
CCBS green number green service freephone
MCID malicious call identification certification of conformity attestation of conformity
ascites hydroperitonea peritoneal dropsy abdominal dropsy
diethylstilbestrol diethyl stilboestrol benzalkonium chloride blood product
steel-jawed leghold trap bovine leucosis virus cachexia cell-line
dapsone electrophoresis Epstein-Barr virus hot-rolled coil
indirect immunofluorescence Marburg virus rule-making powers methylprednisolone
database nystatin nistatin phospholipide
phospholipid plasmid pyrimidine red blood cell
red blood corpuscle erythrocyte respiratory syncytial virus seropositivity
seropositiveness toxoplasmosis curlew tumour necrosis factor
Tumoral Necrosis Factor viral antigen card-index cabinet card index
pulley tackle weaving machine loom CATV
Community Antenna TV teledistribution network cable television CISC
constant-linear-velocity central processor mainframe processor
central processing unit digital analogue digital analog tax on export
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