protection against counterfeiting type of counterfeit kind of counterfeit nominal value
launch anti-copying device fancy banknote cash transaction
retailer logistical infrastructure E-day -day
sub-frontloading reverse touch mark tactile mark
unauthorised banknote reverse side back outer ring
outer part inner part three layers three layer
fine milled design interrupted milled Nordic Gold
Spanish flower shape copper-covered steel smooth dummy banknote
professional cash-handler professional cash-user cash handler counterfeit banknote
counterfeit security standard paper thickness perforated hole
UV lamp ultra-violet lamp round white
silver yellow copper-nickel nickel brass
smooth with a groove bicolour coin sandwich composition national changeover plan
banknote printing machinery web press offset printing sheet press
Super Simultan press unprinted area diameter edge lettering
printing plate Super Orlof machine Super Numerota machine optically variable ink
spoiled banknote adaptability degree diploma
certificate aeronautical chart airworthiness altimeter
angle of attack artificial horizon auxiliary power unit cockpit voice recorder
commercial air transportation commercial air transport commercial pilot configuration
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